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Samuele Cavicchi

professional photographer and filmmaker


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I have combined my passion for images and travel, turning them into a profession. Over the years, I have refined my style and works to create harmony between my content and the brands that support me. I am constantly seeking new places and situations to capture with my camera

Chi sono
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Media Kit

With my work over the years, I have built a community on Instagram that boasts more than 64k followers. My goal is not to merely watch the numbers grow, but to continually foster a connection with the people who follow me, aiming to become a reference point in my field and in what I communicate

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Nonostante i continui cambiamenti dell'algoritmo di Instagram, e le difficoltà di molti sulla piattaforma, il mio profilo anche nell'ultimo anno è riuscito a mantenere un moto crescente nel tempo

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More than 55% of my audience is Italian, and the age group most represented among my audience is between 30 and 55 years old. This makes it very easy to target the audience and choose the most effective communication strategy!

Product placement

As a commercial photographer, creating images for brands and products has always been part of my daily routine. However, on my channels, I strive to harmonize the product with my style. Its presence is always apparent but blended seamlessly with the context. In this way, I aim to convey to my audience not just an advertisement but a genuine recommendation

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We are in an era where people's minds are bombarded every day with hundreds of images, between TV and social media, making it difficult to capture attention with simple pictures. Everything changes when we use a story to attract attention, differentiating our communication from the masses with something to tell. This way, it becomes much easier to establish a relationship with our audience and keep their constant interest

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A beautiful story always wins; it's easy to speak like this, but you need to have something to tell. Fortunately, throughout the year, I develop many projects in Italy and around the world, allowing me to always have many topics to share. The location where I live, the Dolomites, also gives me the opportunity to have incredible landscapes and stories to showcase every day to my audience


The tale of a dream coming true, discovering the forces of nature in a unique place

Something that lasts over time

Stories, more than images, can linger in people's memories by tapping into their emotions. There is no better way to tell a story than through a documentary. Any story can be interesting or emotional if told in the right way

Pro skier

Ski instructor since 2012, and residing in the Dolomites, I experience the mountain in all its aspects throughout the year, but winter is definitely when I give my best. I love ski touring, which allows me to discover nature, disconnect from civilization, and seek out extraordinary images

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Nikon Creators

In addition to being a Nikon Master and an instructor at the Nikon School, I manage and coordinate the 12 Nikon Creators, influencers for Nikon Italy. The group surpasses one million followers on Instagram and one million followers on TikTok

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