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The following terms and conditions shall apply in respect of all of Imago Garage srl workshop and tour bookings and will form the basis of your contract with Imago Garage srl.


This Contract is entered into by Imago Garage srl and the Client. Imago Garage srl’s contact details are as follows:

        Imago Garage srl

        Strada de la Taboca 4

        38036, Pozza di Fassa (TN)



        Mobile: +39 393 2241516 / +39 349 6793960



    1. Workshop means the service being offered by Imago Garage srl as advertised on the website to the Client. Note that workshop bookings from this website are made with Imago Garage srl.

    2. Client means any customer or business placing an order with Imago Garage srl, or on behalf of whom an order has been placed.

    3. Booking means the completed process through which the Client completes a registration/booking form, sends payment to Imago Garage srl, and receives confirmation in writing that a booking is complete.

    4. Force Majeure means any unforeseen or unusual circumstances beyond the control of Imago Garage srl such as war or threat of war, terrorist activity, riot, civil strife, industrial dispute, natural or nuclear disaster, fire, flood or adverse weather.

    5. Under-booking is the situation in which the minimum number of bookings required to run a workshop is not met, we require a minimum of 5 people enrolled.


    1. The balance of the workshop price is due at the time of the booking.

    2. Acceptance of your booking will be made in writing (via email) by Imago Garage srl.

    3. Imago Garage srl reserves the right to change any of the prices, service or other particulars contained in this at any time before we enter into a contract with the Client. If there is any change, Imago Garage srl will notify the Client before entering into such contract.

    4. Bookings are non-transferrable between participants and/or workshops unless specifically agreed with Imago Garage srl.

    5. Payment method,Bank transfer to the following IBAN:    IT34S0306935274100000000547
      In the payment description please enter the following: "Corso Instagram Masterclass" including your full name.


    1. Imago Garage srl reserves the right to alter or cancel any workshop. If an alteration or cancellation becomes necessary, you will have the choice of accepting the change, accepting an alternative workshop offered by Imago Garage srl  (of equal or lesser value, and where this is of a lower value we will refund the difference), or withdrawing from the contract and accepting a refund of all monies paid to Imago Garage srl minus the retainer fee and any fees incurred by using an online processor such as Paypal or bank transfer.

    2. Minimum number of participants to the workshop is specified in section 1.5. Such specification is binding on the Client, and if the minimum number of participants is not met Imago Garage srl reserves the right to cancel the workshop as described in section above.

    3. In the event of Imago Garage srl being unable to attend due to illness or other circumstances beyond Imago Garage srl’s control, then the workshop will be cancelled, and the provisions of clause 3.1 will come into effect.


    1. The Client must communicate any perceived failure in the performance of this contract on the spot to the workshop leader thus giving the leader the opportunity to achieve a satisfactory solution. Should this not be possible, you should make your complaint known to Imago Garage srl in writing within 28 days of the completion of the workshop.

    2. By completing this online booking, you are agreeing to accept all the above conditions and hereby agree to enter into a contract with Imago Garage srl as detailed above. The person who completes the booking does so on behalf of all the individuals included on it, so that all are bound by the booking conditions. This Contract is subject to normal terms and conditions as a written contract would be.

    3. Imago Garage srl will store the Client’s details on a private internal database. These details will not be made available to companies or individuals out-with Imago Garage srl.